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F r o m  i n i t i a l  c o n t a c t   w i t h  m e ,  r i g h t  t h r o u g h  t o  t h e 

b e a u t i f u l  e n d  r e s u l t  i n  y o u r  h a n d s .

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When you have decided to move forward I will send you a more detailed questionnaire to fill in. Once received, I will have a greater understanding of your vision, wants and wishes and budget. I will send you the package proposal and quote. After this is all signed off and timescales agreed, I will begin working on the initial sketches and a look-book for the design of your suites. This will include a color palette, a mood board including inspirational images for an overall design aesthetic and vision for your stationery.

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After discussing the lookbook and exchanging ideas I will create up to three proofs as standard. Once you are both super happy with the third and final proof and have officially signed it off, I can arrange printing and begin the process I love the best -  the artistry aspect of your suites! I always send an 'In Process' update once I have finished the first suite to confirm you are 100% happy before I complete the rest of your suites and any 'on the day' papergoods you require.

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Once printing and the fine details of painting, gilding and embellishing are complete, I then begin on assembling the suites and adding the adornments such as applying wax seals, ribbons and completing the guest addressing. Assembly is always included as standard for my clients, this allows you one less time consuming task in the run up to your wedding.  Your invitations are then either sent on to you or straight to your guests (depending on your preference) Finally, I always send you a complimentary suite to keep as a forever momento.


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