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Your wedding day paper should tell your love story whilst also incorporating your unique personalities and design aesthetic. It is a true honor to create custom wedding stationery that will hold, in it's fibres incredible memories for years to come.


No detail is too small and no concept is out of bounds when you commission me to create your one of a kind invitations and on the day stationery. Your wedding day paper wishes are my command!


When working with my clients, incorporating their personalities and unique love story is of paramount importance to me. From choosing hand-made paper styles and printing options to incorporating personalised momentos - my couples are at the centre of the design process. No detail is too small and no material or concept is out of bounds when it comes to bringing your vision to life.



E v e r y  P i e c e ,  a  W o r k  o f  A r t


 Rich textures and artistic elements such as hand painting and stitching, unique fabrics and gilded-work are my speciality. I endeavour to create a piece of art in each and every element of a custom project. There really are no limits to what I can create for my clients, from luxe minimal chic to antique and distressed Objet - d'art stationery.



U n l i m i t e d  A c c e s s


I take on only a handful of custom design projects per year. This is so that you get full and unlimited access to me whilst I am working on your invitiations during that period of time. This means that I am focused on your wedding stationery only and can give my complete undivided attention to the process.  I will also be fully at your disposal to answer questions or respond to any requests you may have.

I N V E S T M E N T 


T a y l o r e d  C u s t o m  P a c k a g e s



All clients are unique so no project will be the same. My services typically fall between £3000 - £7000 depending on materials, printing techniques and range of detail required. All bespoke stationery requires a minimum investment of £1250 regardless of the number of invitations required. When you commission me my time is dedicated to your project alone for the duration. Let me get to know your style and material preferences and I will taylor a custom package just for you.


Don't quite have the budget for full custom paper goods? Choose from my collection of pre-designed suites which offer enhanced affordablilty whilst all having my hallmark aspect of  hand painted elements and a heirloom quality. Click here to view.


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